Thursday, 19 March 2015

Part Three The Final Reveal - Build A Line Challenge from B'sue Boutiques by Linzi Alford of MagPie In The Sky

Welcome , well here we are -  it is the third and final hop of the B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge. This is the Final  Big Reveal that all participants have been working up to for the past 3 months under the watchful eye of Brenda Sue our tutor and mentor.
 Without further ado I will show you what I have completed for this final reveal.
Hint : click on the images to see larger versions

As you can see I have used segments of my beach photos in the completed pieces. There is so much scope- I can also add to my range  keyrings, bag charms, earrings all matching and with coordinating beads added to make a coherent range
For every one of my set of images I can make the same range of price points with the more expensive bracelet at the top of the price list . SO much scope!

Here are a couple more of the pieces I have completed which are yet to have the rest of the range constructed..

And here is a close up of the Rusty paint bracelet along with the photo that inspired it..

I will finish by reminding you from where I began -  photos and B'sue components!

I still have a LONG way to go with this range- it will be a real biggie with so many variations on the theme but I cannot wait to one day see it all in it's entirety!

All that remains to do is to thank Brenda Sue for her time and effort in creating this challenge, and to wish everyone else all the best with their continued journey as, this is JUST the beginning. I feel we may see a lot of successful lines as a result of this class.

Here is the list of participants- go see what they revealed in their final blog hop of the challenge ! Leave a comment and let them know you visited :) 

Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B'sue Boutiques
Marcia Tuzzolino
Jann Tague
Judy King
Linzi Alford- This is MEEEEEE !!! You are here ......
Cynthia Wainscott
Carole Carlson
Lynn Stinten
Marica Zammit
Catherine Shattuck
Michaele Collie
Mary Craig
Lee Koopman
Erin Whitacre
Monica Casady
Leila West
Cindy Peterson
Leila Belcher
Gloria Allen
Pamela Anger
Tammy Adams
Lynda O'Mara
Elizabeth Hildreth
Dana Hickey
Janet Calardo
Maria Clark
Lori Beekman
Jennifer Kroeger
Amy Jorgensen
Robin Reed
Ingrid Anderson
Louise O'Shields
Susan Killam
Mary Katherine Deis
Nike Bottalico
Susan Bowerman
Kristy Le
Jan Peters
Mitzie Crider
Gina Hockett
Linda Anderson
Alexandra Sefton
Melida Boman
Teresa Shurter
Melissa Latimer
Renee Hong
Nadine Edris
Lori Meyer
Jennifer Merrill Williams
Denise Lussier Poirier
Renee Allen
Autumn Adams
Elizabeth Owens
Kat BarronMiller
Sandra Ballard
Coral Law


  1. Wonderful pieces and blog! Cannnot wait to continue to go forward with this group of people!

  2. Linzi, you nailed it! Coming out of the gate, I thought your idea was so clever! These pieces turned out positively beautiful. I adore your line and the possibilities are endless. It is magical. Well, well done. Perfect!

  3. Linzi this is such a brilliant idea for creating a line. Beautifully endless.

  4. This is a great idea! So many possibilities! Your photos are beautiful!

  5. Beautiful, unique and creative. Love the bracelets! As you said endless possibilities!

  6. love your bracelets Linzi .. beautiful colors .. GREAT job!

  7. Didn't take so here it goes again you. I love you creative idea using your photos for the jewelry line. I can see this going in all different directions. Very original. We live two hours from the Oregon coast and we love going to the beach on road trips. I always take my camera and take tons of pictures. I guess I get that from my Dad who also loves to for photograph. He would love your rusting photo because that's his style. Thank you very much for sharing you have a very nice jewelry line

  8. Love this idea! The result is unique, beautiful, earthy and artistic jewelry with endless possibilities!

  9. I love how you used you pictures, such a great idea. You are so talented, I know you will do great. Your blog was great and I love how you showed your process. :)

  10. The. Beach. Photos. Holy buckets, those are cool. The colors are amazing.

  11. This bracelet is definitely a signature for you, Linzi. Beautifully done and the inspiration is PERFECT. Thanks for jumping on the Challenge Bus with all of the rest of us!

  12. Congratulations on a beautiful line! Your creativity is amazing.

  13. Stunning! I love the use of your own photos in the jewelry. Such a privilege to work with you and the other artists during this challenge. Good luck to you.

  14. Linzi, I love what you've done with your photos to turn them into beautiful and unique design elements. They are so pretty and what a wonderful variety you have to work from. Your creations are just fantastic! Congrats on finishing the journey with all of us, and much continued success.

  15. What a beautiful way to present photos and with such a different approach.
    Lovely work

  16. The detail and the brilliance of your designs are staggering!!! I feel like i am looking at priceless jewels!!! these are Amazing!!1 I was a great pleasure to work with you!!! Good luck with your line!!! Be Blessed!

  17. Linzi I love how you incorporated your photographs to your designs making your line so "you" you are so talented! Hugs!!!

  18. I love your photo jewelry, Linzi! The bracelets are gorgeous, and there's so many possibilities with your ideas. You do wonderful work, and I know your line will go far. It was a great pleasure to be in the class with you! <3

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bracelets!!! What a wonderful idea to use your own photos. And you can practically expand your line in whichever direction you wish.

    Even your cabs alone look wonderful!

    Great job!

    Bead Lovelies

  20. Wow, what an amazing and colorful line Linzi and I love how you took your photo's and created your pieces. Absolutely stunning designs.

  21. Exact words from my 6yr old as I scrolled through your post. "Thats so pretty. Thats even prettier. What pretty jewelry" I would have to agree! I love your beach theme and love that you used your own photos!

  22. Love the colors! You have a great eye and the bracelets are wonderful. I hope we see more in the future!
    Stylized Vintage

  23. Oh Linzi I love your amazing jewels so much!! They remind me of calming bracelets like something that would ease your soul when you wear them!!! Thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for your encouraging words of support during this amazing adventure. I am just so happy that I have had this time to enjoy the gifts of you! I am looking forward to enjoying more of your artistic healing gifts! ~Louise

  24. Endless possibilities, I absolutely love the ocean set!
    Beautifully beautifully done!

  25. Love your line! So creative and endless ways to make so many different products. How cool is it also that you are using one art form to make a new line of art! Love it! So glad to be on this journey with you.

  26. I have loved your concept from the beginning. Still loving it. Your photos are amazing and your jewelry turns them into wearable art. Great work.

  27. Love it! Great work and craftsmanship!

  28. The word that comes to mind is "richness." There is a richness in the color and design. Great work!

  29. I've loved your idea since the beginning, using your photography as inspiration for your jewelry. Your cabs are stunning, rich colors combined with your use of B'sue components, you have endless possibilities for your line!

  30. Beautiful colors and I love the bracelets.

  31. Beautiful colors and I love the bracelets.

  32. They are so lovely. I like the beach one the most. As a customer, I will think what picture will you include in the next line. I think this will keep loyal customers to your shop. Wonderful line.

  33. Those bracelets really look like fine art! Gorgeous. And cuff links--what a great idea along with your fab photography. You are so talented. Looking forward to seeing your whole line as it comes to fruition and blooms more! :):)

  34. I just love how beautiful the colors are in your cabs from your pictures, it's really and truly art jewelry.. you should be so proud of your self.. I'm anxious to see more of your work!

  35. I love your concept from the beginning and these results only confirm that. They are STUNNING! I especially love the bracelets. Can't wait to see more. It's a real pleasure to be on this journey with you.

  36. Hi Linzi :)
    I am just finishing my hopping and I have to say I just love your finished line! I love your concept for your bezels~ It is so fun and really interesting! Look forward to following you and your line as we move on!

  37. I too have loved your unique concept and point of view from the beginning. I think you will have much success with your line. Love the work that you bring to the table. What unique pieces!!

  38. I too have loved your unique concept and point of view from the beginning. I think you will have much success with your line. Love the work that you bring to the table. What unique pieces!!