Thursday, 19 February 2015

Part Two - Build A Line Challenge from B'sue Boutiques by Linzi Alford of MagPie In The Sky

My kitty "helpers" are all worn out !

Pretty sure I wouldn't doodle on my own cats paw........
Well here we are for the second hop of the  B'sue Boutiques  Build A line Challenge, where nearly 60 participants have been studying under the guide and tuition of Brenda Sue who is generously sharing her enviable experience in the industry with us all.

To find out more about the challenge click here to go to the B'sue blog post which explains the principles and aims behind the challenge.

During the last month since Blog Hop part one we have all been diligently learning about how a jewellery line is created from one showstopper one- of -a- kind creation through to a marketable affordable line.

We have shared inspirations, had pricing discussions and many other topics- all so helpful.
 Brenda made a video  (click here to go to Youtube to watch it)  that for many was a  "Eureka !" moment- it clearly shows how to develop a cohesive line of  jewellery.
These are my most favourite B'sue component ever!

Chain , chain , chain , chain......

 I have continued to work on my photo/ resin line -for me it was all about expanding the range to show some of the potential in the design. While they are all variations on a theme, it is such a versatile idea it would be a pity not to investigate the many possibilities- positively RUDE not  to !
I will be investigating how to make some less costly pieces while still staying true to the concept- you better come back again in a month to see the finished results- I will look forward to seeing you then!
 Please do leave me a comment below- is lovely to hear from you all.

Lily pond

Post Box 

peely paint table


Lichen macro

Bluebell deconstructed
There are some of my work in progress pics- which one tickles your fancy the most? 
Bubbles on a catkin

Here are all the participants-   off you HOP  now.  Please try to leave a comment for each person so they know you have visited  !

Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B'sue Boutiques
Marcia Tuzzolino
Jann Tague
Judy King
Linzi Alford- This is MEEEEEE !!! You are here ......
Cynthia Wainscott
Carole Carlson
Lynn Stinten
Marica Zammit
Catherine Shattuck
Michaele Collie
Mary Craig
Lee Koopman
Erin Whitacre
Monica Casady
Leila West
Cindy Peterson
Leila Belcher
Gloria Allen
Pamela Anger
Tammy Adams
Lynda O'Mara
Elizabeth Hildreth
Dana Hickey
Janet Calardo
Maria Clark
Lori Beekman
Jennifer Kroeger
Amy Jorgensen
Robin Reed
Ingrid Anderson
Louise O'Shields
Susan Killam
Mary Katherine Deis
Nike Bottalico
Susan Bowerman
Kristy Le
Jan Peters
Mitzie Crider
Gina Hockett
Linda Anderson
Alexandra Sefton
Melida Boman
Teresa Shurter
Melissa Latimer
Renee Hong
Nadine Edris
Lori Meyer
Jennifer Merrill Williams
Denise Lussier Poirier
Renee Allen
Autumn Adams
Elizabeth Owens
Kat BarronMiller
Sandra Ballard
Coral Law


  1. Linzi you're a genius! I so love your idea to use your own photos.

    Gorgeous pieces. I love them all but my favorite is the peeled paint one :-)

    Hey I think that you could have a sub line with photos of animals - you know animals/insects that are popular in jewelry designs such as dragonflies or owls. I bet they would sell like hot cakes :-)

  2. Linzi, these are amazing!!! Just an awesome idea. Thank you!

  3. Linzi, you've got that "wow" factor going. It think it is brilliant that you are combining your photography with your jewelry. I can imagine you at your next show, your table exploding with beautiful color. What a great idea. I can't wait to see your completed line.

  4. Oh, this is exciting!! Fantastic idea and execution!!

  5. I do love these, especially that you are using your own art to create more art. Nice!


  6. I love the photos, showing where you cut out each piece, that's inspired. great job!

  7. Love your idea of using your photography. Those are some of my favorite components as well and your images look wonderful on them. Looking forward to your finished pieces. ~Ingrid

  8. My favorite is the lichen macro--those are fabulous greens!

  9. Geez, Linzi, I don't think that I can pick just one favorite. Can't wait to see the finished pieces. :-) ~Elizabeth

  10. Loving your design ideas! They are gorgeous and so unique. Can't wait to see your final pieces in the big reveal!

  11. LINZI....I can't pick just one! But this I know, you are well on your way and you need to develop a good line and get the thing OUT've already written a book to go with it! Best to you always, luv!

  12. I cannot wait to see the end result. I love your concept.

  13. Oh i adore this design idea and they will be smashing good. I love all the different colors and the textures they create. XOXO!

  14. I still can't get over just how pretty a small circle of a photo is under a bubble. Really looking forward to seeing the finished pieces!

  15. I love the colors and textures! Yes, the possibilities are endless. Looking forward to more!!

  16. Love the use of the photos in your jewelry. So impactful and beautiful.

  17. Love the use of the photos in your jewelry. So impactful and beautiful.

  18. Oooh, I love these, Linzi! This is a great idea to use your photos, and how you put them together. Can't wait to see the finished line! ;)

  19. I am in love with the Bluebell pieces! Such a great idea to use your photography work!

  20. Linzi, your concept for your line is wonderfully creative and I love the pieces you showed us in this post!! Looking forward to seeing the completed line next month.

  21. You've got some fine-looking cabs there. I'll be interested to see how it all comes together.

  22. Hello Linzi! I just got your book home from the library! It's so inspiring & I have so many of these old flower & leaf beads. Adding the resin cabs is a marvelous idea & seeing your process here is just icing on the cake. Beautiful work & an amazing blend of your talents!

  23. Wow--such unusual colors and they go beautifully with the metals! Your line is truly unique! I'm going to love seeing what you turn these into: cuffs? necklaces? brooches? Fun! :):)

  24. Love your line. The components together are beautiful. Can't wait to see your line. And I love your book. It has so many beautiful designs and the photos are like being a a garden.

  25. I had fun looking at your pictures. Since I know nothing about resin, it's absolutely fascinating to see what you are able to do! Nice work. ~mary

  26. Oh so lovely. I think I said this before, but I'll say it again: your idea to use your photos in the focals in brilliant.

  27. You have obviously perfected resin because you're pendants are gorgeous. My fave is the lilipond theme, but they are all wonderful. So very sorry to hear about your fiance and very glad he's home and doing better!

  28. Just amazingly wow!!! Your focal pieces are just divine!!! What a brilliant idea you have to create such beautiful artwork! I am thrilled about your line and you better believe that I will be back for sure to see your amazing reveal! Your classmate Louise

  29. Simply Splendid! I love your creations! Cannot wait to see it all~

  30. Awesome! Can't wait for the reveal!

  31. Still love your idea and your photography---a brilliant concept, and your execution is fantastic. I will be back for sure to see your final reveal! Gina H

  32. I'm not sure if that last paragraph I wrote posted. First of all I love your book and your blogging is awesome. The photos used to match her your beads in your jewelry is a great idea. And I can't wait to see more of them

  33. I do love those components. I really really REALLY LOVE your pictures in the components!!! they are so Beautiful! i can't wat to see them on a chain or what ever you have panned. These are awesome Linzi! Be Blessed!!!

  34. Love, love, love it!! Can't wait to see it all completed!

  35. Can't wait Linzi! I love your whole concept and cannot wait to see the finished pieces! Love, love, love!

  36. Linzi--I love your photo/resin idea and it's making your line truly unique. Looking forward to seeing your finished line!

  37. I love how the cabs are wrapped with the brass finding.

  38. My friend what an inspiring line you have its so great to see your progress I really love the concept I think my
    Favorite is lilly pond but all your photography is terrific!

  39. It's hard to find which one I like. They are all pretty and reflect the nature. Love them.