Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Silversense-Supplies for the Creative Soul

 Hello, just a short post to tell you about a fab new jewellery  components supplier a friend had suggested to me on Facebook.  Her shop on Etsy  is http://www.silversense.biz/ and it is full of gorgeous and unusual   things.

From left to right- chrysolite  celsian coated melons,topaz/emerald leaf shaped czech glass,
Green mix donut czech firepolished,  Copper hearts pressed czech glass, Picasso 3 petal flowers in turquoise , bronze lustre and peacock metallic.

 The shop owner , Rossi , is lovely and helpful and was kind enough to send me some samples for me  to look at. I can't wait to get on and use them , check back soon to see what I made! I have also ordered  and  delivery is very quick-great service.


Freshwater pearl nuggets brushed circle links in copper and silver , Picasso red 3 petal flowers,
czech glass coffee beans, czech glass turtles-these are fab!

Go and take a look- and if you find some goodies that take your fancy use this code LA10OFF for a 10% discount if used  within 2 weeks of this posting - as if you needed an excuse to go shopping !
 There are some  lovely semi precious stones at bargain 50% off prices, a great selection of Czech glass beads, Picasso beads and  also some cute fruit beads. Must also mention the Turtles!

Here is my order of semi precious stones- lovely labradorite :), moonstone and amethyst.

You can find Silversense facebook page at  www.facebook.com/silversenselondon  . Also if you haven't already visited- come see me at  my facebook jewellery page www.facebook.com/magpieinthesky

Friday, 14 October 2011

Sari Ribbon party Blog Hop Today !! Friday 14th October 2011

Today is the day where all participants of the Sari  Ribbon Party Blog Hop unleash their creations for the world to see! Please visit as many Blogs (listed below) to see what everyone came up with and leave your comments :)
 The criteria was - make a piece of  jewellery- but it must incorporate sari ribbon in the design. Sari ribbon is the gorgeous jewel-like coloured remnants  from the Indian factories where sari silks are  woven. I love the eclectic mix of colours and the  distressed edging to it.

 Here is what I made: Frozen Charlotte pendant on sari ribbon and  doubl link brass chain. I am afraid I rushed to make her , so I may well add more- I thought maybe some large blue crystals interpersed along the chain . I LOVED the electric blue colour  on this piece of ribbon and the eyelash fringing. Frozen Charlotte  dolly moulded in polymer  clay , with brass wings  set on  a Black Onyx Round. Brass snowflake stamping as a nod to her demise!

Frozen Charlotte- now at peace -warm at last !

Thanks as ever to Brenda Sue for organising this event and for being inspiring on a daily basis!

I also  made these Indian Summer  Bracelets, sari ribbon, brass wire and Carnelian in fab autumn shades (Have 2 sets available one in larger size 8.5" wrist size)
 Please come and visit my Facebook page   MagPie In The Sky DesignerJewellery and say hello.

Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop Participants- Go Visit and see  what everyone else made !

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

It is so long since I wrote a blog post , my apologies. I have  been ill/busy and many other excuses but it is my intention to write often- harrass me me if I go quiet again!
 I will break my long silence with some pics of lovely goodies that will be featuring soon in my "makes"

Gorgeous sari ribbon in sumptuous jewel colours

Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop

I am  participating in a Sari Ribbon Party blog Hop on 14th October, at present there are 43 Blog-hoppers taking part - should be fun- that will be my next blog post :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Things ARE happening behind the scenes...

A week has passed since I wrote my post, I should have known this right from the start,
well writing blog posts isn't my forte. BUT I have been very busy chugging away behind the scenes. Am "re-mastering" some of my older makes . I still love the designs but I thought they deserved being made in better materials, and put together more durably. My materials of preference for the "guts" of my makes is brass -based, usually American made. It's quality. full stop.
In pieces , as I type ,I have Sunny Day Blue daisy bracelet, and Aqua daisies bracelet too, soon to be ready to fly the nest (or should that be spoil heap? ). I also have my new logo swing tags designed by my lovely daughter Rache.
I have been invited to participate in a local Artisan fair which is exciting for me!
Ok so it's just a quick snippet this time , photos of completed pieces in next few days, just thought I'd better say "hello" in the meantime. so HELLO :D

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Warm Fuzzies - The Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to my second ever blog post :)

Todays post is all about the "Warm Fuzzies" Blog Hop organised by my US Facebook friend Hilary Carrow Frye. We each bought a kit from B'Sue Boutiques consisting of a brass ox cuff, a mount and an acrylic cabochon.The theme was to create a piece that evoked "warm fuzzies" or to those who are unfamiliar with the term "something that evokes happiness and nice feelings". A warm fuzzy can be a compliment , a place, a thought or an emotion.

My cuff has a focal that is made from a photo that I took of the woods in Summer near my house. It's is my favourite ever photo and my best place to go and unwind. That day was perfect -the reflections in the river were beautiful and everything was just so , well green ! My little piece of heaven I think !

Here is the photograph that I took that inspired my cuff

and here are the photos of the cuff itself. I have embellished it with silk ribbon in green/woodland tones and added some tendrils of leaves and flowers, wanted a feeling of abandon as if the cuff was being overgrown and reclaimed by nature :)

Here are the rest of the Warm Fuzzy Blog-hop participants , please go over to their blogs and see what they came up with too ! :)

Georgene Lockwood Sylvana Vintage designs http://sylvanavintagedesigns.wordpress.com/

Kate Mulligan

and Mike Mulligan of http://www.organicteabykate.com/ hosted by Hilarys Blog

Jeannie K Dukic Jewelry by Jeannie http://site.jkdjewelry.com/blog/

Kris Binsfeld Cherish Designs http://cherishdesigns.wordpress.com/

Sam Hamp Insanity Jewelry http://hampgirl59.blogspot.com/

Margaret O Brien hosted By B'sue
Joan M Kelly Cosmik Souls Handcrafted jewelery (hosted by Fryestyle)
Beth Sacco as below
Kelly Allen as below
Carla Allen Warm and Fuzzy in CA www.bsaccos.blogspot.com

If I have missed anyone please let me know in comments and I will add you :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Welcome to Spoil Heap Tales by MagPie In The Sky

I have a new blog! Ok that's a somewhat unnecessary statement as obviously if you are reading this then you already know that!
Decided that I wanted a blog that will compliment my website and Facebook page

MagPie In The sky is my jewellery baby. I dreamed up the name as I am a self-confessed magpie, slight huge hoarding tendencies and a penchant for glittery pretty things. Love things vintage and old and am a little LOT obsessed with buying beads.
The Pie -in-the-sky part comes from being told it was a somewhat unlikely idea of me making jewellery. I beg to differ :D
The Spoil Heap is my ever -increasing stash of pretties all waiting to be transformed into wearables. My taste is eclectic, love flowers and Steampunk and old fashioned and sparkly sometimes all in one go!
I love to look in charity shops. Spending 50p on something fabby makes me happy. I will share my hauls with you.When I find beads in the charity shop that is a double whammy !

Please have a look on my facebook page , there are 2 galleries of previous "makes". My OOAK (one- of -a -kind) items,are just that -unique- you won't see anyone else wearing the same , often I only have charms or beads in the singular so these are truly special.
I look forward to sharing my ramblings with you .
Remember to practise random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
:) Linzi