Saturday, 19 March 2011

Things ARE happening behind the scenes...

A week has passed since I wrote my post, I should have known this right from the start,
well writing blog posts isn't my forte. BUT I have been very busy chugging away behind the scenes. Am "re-mastering" some of my older makes . I still love the designs but I thought they deserved being made in better materials, and put together more durably. My materials of preference for the "guts" of my makes is brass -based, usually American made. It's quality. full stop.
In pieces , as I type ,I have Sunny Day Blue daisy bracelet, and Aqua daisies bracelet too, soon to be ready to fly the nest (or should that be spoil heap? ). I also have my new logo swing tags designed by my lovely daughter Rache.
I have been invited to participate in a local Artisan fair which is exciting for me!
Ok so it's just a quick snippet this time , photos of completed pieces in next few days, just thought I'd better say "hello" in the meantime. so HELLO :D

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