Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Warm Fuzzies - The Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to my second ever blog post :)

Todays post is all about the "Warm Fuzzies" Blog Hop organised by my US Facebook friend Hilary Carrow Frye. We each bought a kit from B'Sue Boutiques consisting of a brass ox cuff, a mount and an acrylic cabochon.The theme was to create a piece that evoked "warm fuzzies" or to those who are unfamiliar with the term "something that evokes happiness and nice feelings". A warm fuzzy can be a compliment , a place, a thought or an emotion.

My cuff has a focal that is made from a photo that I took of the woods in Summer near my house. It's is my favourite ever photo and my best place to go and unwind. That day was perfect -the reflections in the river were beautiful and everything was just so , well green ! My little piece of heaven I think !

Here is the photograph that I took that inspired my cuff

and here are the photos of the cuff itself. I have embellished it with silk ribbon in green/woodland tones and added some tendrils of leaves and flowers, wanted a feeling of abandon as if the cuff was being overgrown and reclaimed by nature :)

Here are the rest of the Warm Fuzzy Blog-hop participants , please go over to their blogs and see what they came up with too ! :)

Georgene Lockwood Sylvana Vintage designs http://sylvanavintagedesigns.wordpress.com/

Kate Mulligan

and Mike Mulligan of http://www.organicteabykate.com/ hosted by Hilarys Blog

Jeannie K Dukic Jewelry by Jeannie http://site.jkdjewelry.com/blog/

Kris Binsfeld Cherish Designs http://cherishdesigns.wordpress.com/

Sam Hamp Insanity Jewelry http://hampgirl59.blogspot.com/

Margaret O Brien hosted By B'sue
Joan M Kelly Cosmik Souls Handcrafted jewelery (hosted by Fryestyle)
Beth Sacco as below
Kelly Allen as below
Carla Allen Warm and Fuzzy in CA www.bsaccos.blogspot.com

If I have missed anyone please let me know in comments and I will add you :)


  1. Reclaimed and abandonment are perfect to describe this beautiful cuff. You really captured the tones and "feel" of the picture. I love the prongs holding down the capsule. So pretty and thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your cuff! Love the textures and colors! I can totally see how you brought out your inspiration in the cuff! Love it!

  3. Love It !!! Like a looking glass into a gloriously dreamy green meadow. Love how you encircled the photo with tree like branches and leaves and the use of color and texture to finish this piece off. Such a pretty piece ... makes u feel as if u were the in that moment. Lovely !!!<3

  4. I really loved this cuff especially the colors. It is great. :)
    Deb Bee

  5. What a beautiful cuff! You have managed to evoke the feeling of the image and translate it perfectly into a work of art!
    Very Impressed! Show me more :)

  6. Hi Linzi!

    I'm getting a very dreamy vibe from this cuff. What a fabulous spot you have to unwind. I would capture that in art too! I like how you fully used the color green in your materials. And, I think the winding ribbon and wire tendrils are very symbolic of the natural world. Unruly and wild, beautiful.

    I think you should name your piece. It truly is a work from your heart.

  7. Hello Linzi,
    Your cuff is truly a work of art. Green is my favorite color and I love what you did with it. Your cuff is like a window on nature. Brilliant!

  8. Hi Linzi!

    I think the "warm fuzzies" worked. It's sunny and melting today in Minnesota!

    Thanks again for being an entrant in my first ever blog hop. I am really proud and happy of our creative accomplishments. If you haven't already, please make an effort to stop by and give your other blog hop teammates a "warm fuzzy" with a nice comment. I think we all deserve it for a job well done!

    I wish each of you much success in your artistic activities. You know where I will be hanging out. Please stop by from time to time. You never know, I might just do this again!!