Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Welcome to Spoil Heap Tales by MagPie In The Sky

I have a new blog! Ok that's a somewhat unnecessary statement as obviously if you are reading this then you already know that!
Decided that I wanted a blog that will compliment my website and Facebook page

MagPie In The sky is my jewellery baby. I dreamed up the name as I am a self-confessed magpie, slight huge hoarding tendencies and a penchant for glittery pretty things. Love things vintage and old and am a little LOT obsessed with buying beads.
The Pie -in-the-sky part comes from being told it was a somewhat unlikely idea of me making jewellery. I beg to differ :D
The Spoil Heap is my ever -increasing stash of pretties all waiting to be transformed into wearables. My taste is eclectic, love flowers and Steampunk and old fashioned and sparkly sometimes all in one go!
I love to look in charity shops. Spending 50p on something fabby makes me happy. I will share my hauls with you.When I find beads in the charity shop that is a double whammy !

Please have a look on my facebook page , there are 2 galleries of previous "makes". My OOAK (one- of -a -kind) items,are just that -unique- you won't see anyone else wearing the same , often I only have charms or beads in the singular so these are truly special.
I look forward to sharing my ramblings with you .
Remember to practise random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
:) Linzi


  1. Hi Linzi. Good luck with the new blog. Have fun with it. I don't keep up with mine as much as I should. Mine is http://theblackcatjewellerystore.blogspot.com and http://personalpendants.blogspot.com.

    Anna xxx

  2. Thanks Anna :) & cheers for verifying my networked blog too x

  3. Congrats Linzi! I'm going to share your new blog site on FB. We all need to spread the good news!

  4. I'll link you on our blog too....when I get it minute! If you don't see it in the next day or two, just remind me!

  5. OOh thanks B'sue X
    I'd best get writing some more posts then!

  6. Hi Linzi, saw your post on Send In The Troops, thought I'd add a comment and follow you, too! My blog is at http://aitch-aitchblog.blogspot.com/
    so please do follow me in return, thanks!

  7. Hi Aitch, am following your blog now :)