Saturday, 27 December 2014

Happy Holidays! or The Importance of Putting Lids on- A Cautionary Tale

Hello , Linzi of MagPie In The Sky here!
I hope you have all had a lovely festive break and some time to relax and enjoyed some gifts and probably (way too much) yummy nosh.
One of my challenges this Christmas was to clear the kitchen table so we could sit and eat there -I like to sit and work there usually as the light is good.  
This year I have 3 furry helpers- now I think they must have known I wanted to clear the table as when I went in kitchen the other morning I was ,Like, UH Oh I can SEE the table- in fact there are clear patches- something untoward has occurred! An avalanche!!

The floor :(
OH . NO .

They had knocked SO much stuff onto the floor- all the boxes with no lids on that my OH has been saying for weeks to "put the lids on , then if the cats knock them off they won't spill"
Yeah well- THAT.
 SO many things on the floor all  mixed up - loose beads, jump rings.
 Let this act as a warning to others of a messy/lazy/procrastinating  "I -will-put-lids-on-tomorrow" disposition!   My wrecking crew have well and truly sorted me out.
 Now a huge tidy is in order before I can resume work. Tomorrow!
Sookie- this WAS meant to be my table centrepiece but she would not vacate it!

Mia and Merida up to mischief

Holly -the-Collie 

But- LOOK! My table is clear and all ready to resume work. once the small matter of sorting all my supplies out is done that is !

Happy Holidays to you all !
Love Linzi

Friday, 9 May 2014

It's been a while...........

Well, my resolutions to write more often  kind of went by the wayside..... but I am back now, and I really REALLY will write more often.
There has been a LOT of water under the bridge, it has been TWO years since I last wrote.
In that time I have written many magazine projects for UK magazine Making Jewellery, and written some tutorials for B'sue Boutiques  -you can see those here.

  Also I have written my first ever book! It was published on 24th February 2014.  Title is "Jewelry for all Seasons" published by GMC Publications, and it is available from Amazon and many other online sellers and bookshops.
Please do have a look at my website and also come and find me on Facebook or on Twitter
Other exciting news- I have my own studio/workshop space- now this IS a recent event - I moved in the week before Easter this year so am still settling in and getting everything "just and so".
My next post will be all about my studio space , I can share the fantastic place it is within. it is all really rather exciting!