Thursday, 26 April 2012

Messy Workshop Blog Hop Party- In celebration of disarray

Messy Workshop

Welcome to my "Messy Workshop" blog posting. I hope no one will be too traumatised by the following evidence of mess, sloth , untidiness, procrastination , laziness  and general chaos. I blame my artistic  temperament.. That and the fact I dislike tidying - I can't find ANYTHING if I  clean up. And that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.
 So along with approx 50 others we are celebrating our messy working spaces - we are CELEBRATING and embracing that   mess from which creativity blossoms.
 Neat freaks -look away now......
My name is Linzi and I am a hoarder. There -I said it out loud. My spoil heap is the ever increasing pile of my latest favourite things that grows on what was formerly my kitchen table. The table does make guest appearances -at Christmas and birthday parties- luckily my daughters birthday is near Christmas so for the rest of the year it's free reign. Some things are just too pretty to  consign to boxes and cupboards, and I like to be surrounded by my "stuff" , it inspires me.

As a creative I think I suffer from "butterfly brain " , am easily distracted- look a bird
OOH A Goldfinch..

 But mostly I am  messy because I spend my time doing other stuff. Cleaning up is such a waste of time - you do it and then it needs doing AGAIN?! How pointless is that.
The wonderful spoil heap extends to most areas of my home, I have a kitchen spoil heap , a bedroom heap , a landing heap and  things that are actually put away - an entire ex -airing cupboard full.

No surface is safe....

When I attempt to tidy -with brand new storage-it sits sadly next to the items- waiting for me to  organise. I fear if I put them away I might not remember where they are!

This is where I do the majority of my work
 Though it can quickly degenerate  to 
 when work is in progress.

 I have been known to stack bead mats on top of each other  when there are several projects on the go at once .
I DO think that being surrounded by pretty things does help my creativity and imagination. No really , that's not an excuse... :D

 I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my world! 

Please come visit  me at MagPie In The Sky on Facebook - I have some fantastic makes in the pipeline!

Coming soon... Dragonfly II:Water

And also The Garden

Now  please go and check out the other blog hop participants - Happy Hopping  :)
 Be sure to leave  a comment to say you "hopped"

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  1. Hey Linzi! Love the combination of your creative spaces and your beautiful nature photography! And, of course, your awesome creations!

  2. You had me at Chocolate... Nice post, thanks for sharing your space.

  3. I enjoyed your loosely organised chaos you do lovely work.

  4. Glad to see someone else is messy as well and easily distracted.

  5. Your work is beautiful! I tried the "stacking bead mats" trick and then forgot I did that and picked things up and beads overboard.

  6. I hopped along and got to your lily pad, Linzi! A lovely mess, that! Thanks bunches for sharing it, how wonderful to see this bodacious creative mess, all the way there, across the pond! Have a lovely, inspired, creative day! XOXO B'sue

  7. You are NOT a hoarder, you are an Extreme Collector! Ha ha ha Thank you for sharing Linzi.I hopped and will keep on hopping as I have about 30 to go. Ooo pretty sparkly thing...and look a squirrel! :) ~ Brassy

  8. Your work is amazing! So happy to see all these messy spaces and know I am not alone. Back to hopping now.

  9. Thank for the tour Linzy, please save me some cookies! ;)

  10. I hopped ! I love the things you have made. After seeing everyone's messy workshops I now realize I'm just like everybody else!

  11. Oooh delightful messiness! Thanks for the peek inside. I hope you made enough cookies for everyone! ;) Warmly, Tracy

  12. that philly dark cream cheese spread is dangerous, isn't it?!

  13. Your post is hilarious - and so true! I enjoyed my tour.

  14. Ah,a woman after my own heart, for I too am domestically challenged. I dislike doing housework, so I rarely do any. Your pics make me feel right at home. :-)

  15. This is such a tiny little table mess. You need to spread out even more, girl! Seriously, I get the multiple projects at once. I use bead boards,and they just pile up before, during and after projects. Love your space!

  16. I hopped, and enjoyed! Thanks ~~T

  17. I am SO with you on the cleaning bit!!!!! Love it!

  18. totally agree .. why put things away when you just need them back out again? lol Plus, I'm one of those who will finally cave and put something away...then be unable to ever find it again >.<

  19. Lovely workspace! And yes my table does make occasional appearances too now and then lol! Beautiful blog and I love the new creations you are working on. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Chocolate? Oh I have an emergency chocolate jar near me at all times. And a coffee maker. And a fridge. I mean, I could live in the studio if I had to!

  21. I look forward to seeing your new pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  22. No trauma here...I am not a fan of neat freaks myself. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I share your worry, if I put it away, I will never find it again.... I like your idea of putting bead mats on top of bead mats. That would make my life easier!!

  24. I totally agree with you why clean when you just have to do it all over again and so soon. I really feel that way about making the bed. I loved seeing your creative mess, thanks so much for sharing. Your dragonfly is beautiful!

  25. Thanks Linzi for sharing your lovely space with us. You've got some great stuff here, and it all looks good to me ! I love your colorful tools :O Thanks for sharing!

  26. LOL You are so right! Messes... you clean them up and then you just have to turn around and clean it again!!! LOL I'd much rather be creating than cleaning!!! =) You have a great mess... and oooh, chocolate! Must have chocolate! =) Loved seeing your "mess"!!! As well as your beautiful creations!!! =)

  27. I think we could be sisters lol, I feel exactly the same way about hoarding and cleaning. Wonderful post and thanks for the laughs. Can't wait to see the new pretties on your FB page, and that dragonfly is gorgeous.

  28. I am in total agreement with you about messes and cleaning. My workspace is always getting messy right after it was cleaned, I think my messes have babies when I'm not looking, as they seem to grow on their own. I adore your dragonfly, it's absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your mess! :)

  29. I love thinking up creative storage solutions but I agree that I have to SEE the things to remember all I have and want to use.

  30. Ohhh, someone who understands why cleaning up is pointless!! Can you explain it to my husband for me? ;) Thank you for showing your space!

  31. Your work is beautiful! I agree with you... It always gets messy again, so why clean!

    And I am with you on buying organizational product, while I love them, they rarely get used how they should! Thanks for commenting on my blog and hopping!

  32. Hello 'Magpie in the Sky' - your workspace looks just like our dining room table where we create our beautiful jewellery. I totally agree - if I tidy up, then it means I spend ages looking for things! Just glad my ex husband can no longer moan at me.....! love from Fat Fairy Jewellery x