Monday, 19 January 2015

Icy Words (are so lightly thrown)- terrible misquote there 

Happy New Year to you all !

 My New Year's resolution , amongst others (ie lose weight for impending wedding) is to blog much more often! Really !
 Thought I would begin in my first post of 2015 by sharing some wintry inspiration photos that I took on a walk  in my local churchyard- there is definitely a jewellery idea bubbling around the "Icy Words " photo!

The Priory Church 

Fab patina on the outside of the stained glass

I do love the church yard here and have taken many photos, even my 9 year old daughter likes to wander around there although her interest is mostly conker motivated!

My main piece of news for this month- am delighted to say that as a member of the B'sue Boutiques Design team I am participating in a blog hop-   Build a Line Challenge. This is a 3 month challenge with fab prizes for the winner but more that that will be an amazing education freely give by Brenda Sue - who is using her many years of experience and jewellery-making to host this event. The first blog hop is THIS FRIDAY 23rd January, so please check for my post then and you can see what the nearly -60 participants have come up with  for their ideas!

For more info click the badge below ! 

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